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the session


Your session will typically take 1 to 2 hours. This leaves plenty of time for snacks, breaks, a change of clothes, or whatever else life throws our way. Outdoor sessions take place at the location of your choice in both the morning and in the late afternoon/evening. (I have suggestions if you aren't sure of a suitable location.) For newborns and young babies, I prefer to photograph indoors in rooms with ample natural light.


If the weather is bad or your child is sick on the day of the shoot, we will find a time to reschedule. Your session fee will be applied to the make-up date.




the clothing


The sky is the limit when it comes to kids' clothing. Does he have a special outfit that makes you smile every time you see it? Does she insist on wearing the same green dress to preschool every time it is clean?  Superhero costume or tutu and tiara? Perfect!  Incorporate them into your session! If your main goal is more formal, you may want to choose a smocked dress or a jon-jon. If you would like casual portraits, jeans, sweaters, sundresses, etc. are all good options. I do recommend staying away from clothing with large logos, cartoon characters, etc., and if one person in the photo will be in a bold pattern (stripes, polka dots, floral, plaid, etc.), your best bet is to have everyone else dress in solids or more subtle, coordinating patterns. Bare feet on kids are always in fashion:-)  Remember, there is no right or wrong clothing for your session - just choose something that makes you feel great.  (And no, you do not have to wear white shirts!)


For newborns, just a diaper (or his or her birthday suit!) is preferred.


Please dress children in comfortable, washable clothing. Sessions include lots of playing and running. And the occasional fall into a puddle.




the style


A sleeping newborn, a toddler who has just learned to walk, a child delightfully discovering something new - these are my most cherished photographs. This natural style of photography will make your child feel more comfortable with the camera, as they will not have to sit in a stiff, posed position with a forced smile for the entire shoot... we'll play and laugh, and the smiles will come naturally! No two sessions are alike, and though I do have to do some direction and posing, the goal is for the overall feel of the photos to look relaxed and fun.  Feel free to look through the photographs in the galleries on my website to see if this style of photography is for you.